Nicolas Fenouillat Nicolas Fenouillat

Nicolas Fenouillat (F)
Artist–in–residence, Jan – Apr 2007
Installation Mijn Stalker

@ de glashandel, Witte de Withstraat 139, Amsterdam

Opening Thu April 19, 17.00 – 20.00
Exhibition April 20 – 22, 15.00 – 18.00

Mijn Stalker is a video that provides us with another outlook upon life. Through his poetic videos and installations Nicolas Fenouillat refers to issues of his daily experience that can be compared to Tarkovsky′s Stalker. As in Stalker′s ′Zone′, the involvement in ordinary matters can be loaded with surreal meanings, both familiar and utopic.
Nicolas Fenouillat (F) is an artist, a curator and a musician. The transition between these different media resounds in his artistic practice, which appears in diverse contexts and features combinations of various collaborations, as well as peculiar uses of mixed media. His arranged situations and environments are located between the daily and the dreamlike, between the norm and a sense of divergence – referring to a permanent possibility of contingency, curiosity and surprise.

Nicolas Fenouillat graduated from the Montpellier School of Fine Arts and the Magasin Curatorial Training Course in Grenoble. Currently, he is artist in resident at agentur: in Amsterdam.

With thanks to: Het Etalageproject of de Witte Ruijter.